Planning and Zoning – Map

City of Bonners Ferry

Planning and Zoning – Map

The City of Bonners Ferry has a zoning map comprising three main categories of uses, Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Within the Residential category three residential districts, Residential AA, A and B, make up the much of the residential communities in the City. These residential districts include many of historic neighborhoods along the south hill as well as newer neighborhoods on the northside. The Residential AA district embodies many of historic neighborhoods, with the preservation of residential uses being a main goal of the district, while the A and B Districts provide for additional opportunities, conditionally permitted. Those seeking to understand the allowed, conditionally allowed or prohibited uses are encouraged to review the city’s land use ordinances found at Sterling Codifiers (link).

Under the Commercial category three zoning districts, Commercial Downtown and Medical make up this area of zoning. All of three districts serve the community’s commercial needs and are scattered through out the city with the main portion of the commercial district found along Highway 95 along the south hill. The medical district serves the professional and medical offices as well as the local hospital. The Downtown District is the most recent district that serves the needs of the downtown businesses.

Lastly, the Industrial district serves the needs of the industrial community in Bonners Ferry. Fodge industries and the former mill site comprise much of the land that makes up the Industrial district.

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