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Permits and Fees

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Permits and Fees

Permits and Fees

Our most widely requested permit applications are available for download in PDF format. Building related forms and land use applications are located on our Planning and Zoning page. Additionally, if you are looking for forms for new utility connection, you can locate those under the Utility page.   If you have any questions about filling out the forms or if a particular permit is required, please call City Hall for assistance at (208)-267-3105.

For a list of current fees, see the attached Fee Resolution.

For those seeking a public record, the attached public records request is required to be submitted before any public record is disseminated to the public.  The request for can be found here Public Record Request

Engineering Documents

Adopted Engineering Standards

Business License

A Business License is required for all businesses located within the city limits.  Please note that a new permit is required if there is a change of ownership, business name or structure (example: sole proprietorship to limited liability company) or if the location changes.

Business License and LOT Form

Vendor Remittance Forms


Alcoholic Beverage License

An Alcoholic Beverage License is required for all entities selling alcohol within the City. The permit fees are listed in the application.

Alcoholic Beverage License Application

Special Event Permit

A Special Event Permit is required for any special event or that takes place on a city street, sidewalk or city-owned property.

A Special Event permit is required for any Parade within the City.

Fees for special events can be found by clicking on the fee resolution link provided above.

Special Events and Parade Application

Catering Permit

A Catering Permit is required for catering within the City.


Right of Way Encroachment Permit

A Right of Way Encroachment Permit is required for any excavation in the public right-of-way, construction of any structure (overhead or underground) on the public right-of-way, or a new access or modification of an access to the public right-of-way.

Right of Way Encroachment Permit Application

Dog License


Any dog whose owner resides within the incorporated limits of the city or any dog which enters the city limits is required to have a dog license, which needs to be renewed each year. The cost is $12 if purchased by January 31 or $24 if purchased after January 31. The license may be purchased at City Hall. Please review Title 5, Chapter 3 of the Bonners Ferry Code for further clarification.

* The metal Rabies vaccination tag provided by your veterinarian IS NOT a license.

State law requires that all dogs 3 months (12 weeks) of age or older must have a current Rabies vaccination.

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